I feel like a kid again with this awesome 'tag and crest'. The tag (necklace) is very heavy duty and we'll detailed. It does have a few blemishes on the back, but it makes it seem more rugged. The crest has a cover and both are removable by slipping out on the sides. It's a great deal on a unique item. Definitely worth it and it was shipped/delivered really quickly.
Amazon Customer
Very nice the crest of friendship will go awesome with any Matt/Yamato cosplay. The crest material looks real good. Major props to the person who made this! 5/5
This is an amazingly undersold product, sold by an amazing company. The necklace is a lot heaftier than i originally thought it would be, but that just attests to its quality. The necklace comes with different places to hook so if you like it hanging low (like me) then that's a plus.